Tracking Emotions – Embarking on a Mindful Journey

Original painting by Pooja GroverLife is a unique blend of mixed emotions and feelings. Understanding as well as leading our emotions and feelings is as vital as their expression; and this is where most of our struggle begins. Pause and ponder….. Are we leading our emotions or are they leading us? 

Learning to lead our emotions increases overall well being, clarity, energy and strength while creating balance and enhancing creativity. The more we are aware of our emotions, the more we will be able to better understand ourselves and the people around us. Mindfulness brings self-awareness and self-awareness brings acceptance which in turn leads to personal growth and  transformation. Being aware of our thoughts, emotions and feelings in a non-judgemental way, tuning them into the present moment and being able to regulate them is mindfulness. It helps decrease stress, anxiety and depression. 

Practicing mindfulness for quite some time now, I still find myself in situations which are overpowering but reminding myself that I am a peaceful soul, who is on this so-called journey of life for a higher purpose, helps me stay grounded by bringing the focus back to the present moment. We all go through turbulences in our day-to-day life which manifest in various forms and shapes. For some it could mean a mood swing, bad health, aching body, low spirit, a long to-do list, broken relationship, low paying job; the list goes on and on. These turbulences wear us down leaving us feeling overwhelmed, anxious and most often mentally and physically exhausted. I’m sure we all can relate to this. It is vital for us to not let these turbulences affect how we feel deep inside and stay grounded to our roots. 

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. We hold onto innumerable emotions and memories along with the feelings we go through during our so-called journey of life which knowingly or unknowingly weigh us down. They deplete our soul power, affect our health and boggle our minds. Exhausted, we go through life each day not realizing that transformation awaits us if we just open our minds and get ready to change our perspective. Retraining the mind to let go of the negative emotions is crucial to this transformative experience and it begins with the willingness to track, understand and express our emotions; however, expression of emotions being the key here as that is where the healing begins. We all need to find ways to express our emotions positively and channelize them in the right direction. My expression of emotions is quite creative indeed! Art gives wings to my emotions and creative writing lends a voice to the same. Meditation and creation are the vehicles with which I align with my inner self and embark on a journey to explore the other side of the realms unknown to my soul. Creativity sets me free while meditation aligns me to the higher consciousness. Art is my gateway to break through the daily stresses of life. It allows me to forgive my imperfections, embracing life as it comes and living in the present moment. 

Together, let’s embark on a journey to heal our mind, body and soul… Let’s follow our intuitions and paint the canvas of our lives with colours of positivity, daily affirmations, self-love and free flowing thoughts… Let’s focus inwards, observing the sensations, emotions, feelings and thoughts as they arise but not engaging in the same… Let’s see the beauty that lies beyond what our naked eye can see… Let’s be aware of the unawareness… Let’s align with the inner self… Let’s experience the transformation as we nourish our soul…

I bow to the divinity in all souls… 



Pooja Grover

I'm an acrylic mixed media artist who is passionate about creating mindful moments, spreading my love for art and deep understanding of soulful connections through my artwork. I create soulful paintings that reflect the call of my heart at that specific moment. I let go of my fears and lend wings to my creativity while I mindfully watch its flight that usually takes me to unexplored deepest layers of my thoughts. When I finally splatter paint on the blank canvas, I feel a renewed passion and joy flowing through my veins calming down every nerve of my mind and heart, experiencing immense relief from the bodily pains and reaching a state of meditation through mindful art. My vision is to spread some sparkles wherever I go and touch the souls around me at a much deeper level with the pearls of inspiration with my soulful, inspirational and intuitive art. “Life is beautiful with each moment filled with mindfulness, embracing our own creativity, painting our own Mindful Intuitions.” – Pooja Grover

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