Eternal Love Ever imagined how wonderful our own spiritual world would be if we believed that we are the “Eternal Love” that we could return to? Ever wondered how liberated our soul would be if we let go of our fears and anxieties encircling our soul with this  “Eternal Love”? 

Mindful living creates a space of love and light in our life which in turn creates a shield of positive  thoughts of love around us. It washes away all the negativity and comforts our soul. It makes our soul power shine brighter each day. “Eternal Love” is a gift, a life mantra which  activates and integrates all our material and spiritual gifts. When we use love as our guide, we create a unique eternal life and build the foundation of opening our perceptions and transforming our challenges into graceful abilities connecting us with our higher consciousness.

“Eternal Love” enhances all our worldly relationships and we embark on a mindful journey of healing our minds, bodies and souls. We radiate positivity and the golden rays of our spiritually awakened soul spreads around us creating an aura of gratitude and appreciation for the bounties and blessings of the universe. Being creative, living in the moment and appreciating the beauty of the present moment while bringing the awareness to my breath helps me attained a heightened awareness of my soulful journey. Art connects me with my spiritual side at a much deeper level, especially when I am creating art in a safe, non-judgemental environment; expressing the depths of my soul through textures and colours. The real power lies in taking the focus within and connecting with the “Eternal Love” that’s within each one of us. 

Learn to connect with “YOU”! Paint your own Mindful Intuitions, expressing the depths of your soul through art! 

Namaste! – I bow to the divinity in all souls…