Pooja Grover - Mixed Media Artist

Hi! I’m Pooja Grover…..

Welcome to my studio – my soulful, colourful, happy place!

I’m an acrylic mixed media artist who is passionate about creating mindful moments, spreading my love for art and deep understanding of soulful connections through my artwork. I create soulful paintings that reflect the call of my heart at that specific moment. I let go of my fears and lend wings to my creativity while I mindfully watch its flight that usually takes me to unexplored deepest layers of my thoughts. When I finally splatter paint on the blank canvas, I feel a renewed passion and joy flowing through my veins calming down every nerve of my mind and heart, experiencing immense relief from the bodily pains and reaching a state of meditation through mindful art.

My vision is to spread some sparkles wherever I go and touch the souls around me at a much deeper level with the pearls of inspiration with my soulful, inspirational and intuitive art.

“Life is beautiful with each moment filled with mindfulness, embracing our own creativity, painting our own Mindful Intuitions.” – Pooja Grover